Dubai’s most Instagramable street food restaurant

A culinary tour across the world’s best street food markets

Save the flight abroad with this buzzing st food concept

Looking for that special dinner location? Spice up your night out game with the new home of gourmet street food in Dubai. Soul Street invites to delicious street food from around the world, located in the JVC community. Street art by international artists and a real street, are only some aspects that make this restaurant in JVC, Dubai’s most instagramable restaurant.

Signature nights: Jenny from The Block Ladies Night, Pablo’s Taco Tuesday, Nomad Brunch & Daily Happy Hour 

Dining on the street has never been so glamorous before

No matter which day you visit there’s always something new happening at Soul Street Dubai. Good food, creative drinks and great vibes, upgrade your night out plans in Dubai’s new upcoming lifestyle community JVC. From Ladies Night, gin masterclass to day and night brunches, Soul Street always finds a reason to celebrate.

Check out what’s happening at our home, FIVE Jumeirah Village, here

Daily Experiences

Enjoy unlimited tacos all day for AED89, every Tuesday from 4.00pm

Chicken Al Pastor

Char grilled pineapple, onion, coriander

Crispy Chicken

Chipotle aioli, coleslaw


Pickled cabbage

Taco Asada

Grilled steak, onion, corinader

Crispy Calamari

Crispy fried calamari, chipotle aioli, pickled cabbage

Crispy Potato

Potato mash, mixed vegetables, tangy cabbage, curry mayo


Mixed vegetables, chili and chocolate mole, sesame seeds, sour cream, coriander


Rice noodles, chipotle aioli

Crunchy Avocado

Rice noodles, chipotle aioli

Salsa roja

Salsa verde


Bottomless Friday brunch with pool access for AED299 per person, includes alcoholic beverages
Served To The Table

Pick me up from the night market

Shrimp Kushiyaki (D)(S)
Chicken Tikka Tartlets (G)(D)
Sweet and Sour Chicken (G)
Fish Veracruz (G)
Crispy Wontons (G)(V)

Sweet memories

Banoffee Mess (D)(G)
Vanilla ice cream, caramelised banana, custard cream, streusel crumble, chantilly cream

Mascarpone Crumble (D)(G)
Pear, streusel crumble, caramel sauce

Maracaibo Fantasy (D)(G)(N)
Chocolate mousse, caramel sauce, mascarpone coffee parfait

In A Sip Around The World

Pablo’s Margarita Shooters

Drunken Noodles

Gin, cucumber, cilantro, agave, pineapple


Try saying that after your third...
Spiced rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, sweet and sour, orgeat syrup

Venice Sunset

Gin, prosecco, elderflower, butterfly pea syrup, mint, lollipop

Bohemian Soul

Tequila, whiskey, lemon juice, beetroot, agave syrup, black paper

Signature Cocktail Tasting

Drunken Noodles, Bangkok Bliss, Violette's Secret


Chang, Budweiser

Wine & Sparkling

Red, white, rosé, prosecco


Vodka, gin, rum, whisky, tequila
Street Market Stalls

European Grill

Tandoori Chicken (D)(G)

Striploin Carving

Calamari & Garlic bread (S)
sauces: chipotle, ponzu aioli, bbq, chimichurri, mint chutney

Chaat Cart

Vegetarian Vada Pav (G)(V)
Lamb Keeva Pav (G)

Orlando’s Taco Truck

Quesadillas (D)(G)
Chicken or vegetables, tomato, jalapeños, sour cream

Tacos (D)(G)
Beef, chicken or vegetables

Bao Boys

Beijing Duck (G)
pancake, cucumber, leek, hoisin sauce

Beef Bao (G)
Cilantro, sriracha, chilli

Travelling Light

Mixed Seafood Salad (G)(S)
Black fungus, onion, tomato, cucumber, coriander, garlic, red chilli, mango

Chicken Liver Parfait (D)(G)
Beetroot jelly, pistachio

Quinoa & Mixed Berries (V)
Celery, carrot, bell pepper, avocado, mint, coriander, pomegranate, cilantro dressing

Caprese Salad (D)(N)(V)
Mozzarella mousse, tomato glaze, basil, balsamic reduction

Asian Beef Salad (G)
Beef, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, tomato, grapes, mint, coriander, roasted peanuts, asian dressing

Minty Pea Soup (D)(V)

Tacos (D)(G)
Beef, chicken or vegetables

Salads & Cold Small Bites



Plantain banana | black beans | pico de gallo | pickled cabbage | baladi | chipotle aioli

Guacamole El Mortero


Freshly mashed avocado | tomato | jalapeño | onion | coriander | tortilla chips

Ceviche Tulum


White fish | shrimp | pico de gallo | pickled cabbage | lime juice | banana chips
Big Bites



Black beans | arroz rojo | chipotle aioli | cheddar

Tacos El Trio Vegetarian


Mixed vegetables mole | crispy avocado | vegetarian al pastor

Chicken Quesadillas


Tomato | onions | capsicum | jalapeño | cheddar
sour cream | chipotle aioli



Black beans | cheddar sauce | pico de gallo | pickled jalapeño

Tacos El Trio


Beef | chicken | tempura shrimp | chipotle sauce | pico de gallo
Hot Bites

Chicken Franco


Breaded chicken tenders | honey mustard | BBQ sauce

Fish & Chips


Atlantic cod | French fries | mushy peas | tartare sauce

Philly Cheese Steak


Rib-eye | capsicum | mushrooms | pickled jalapeño | cheddar
French fries

Braised Beef BBQ Ribs


Apple and cabbage slaw | BBQ sauce
Salads & Cold Small Bites

Green Papaya Salad


Cherry tomatoes | green beans | roasted peanuts | Thai basil | coriander | tamarind dressing
Hot Bites



Hawaiian black salt

Spicy Edamame


Chilli ponzu

Wok Fried Vegetable


KaIlan | bok choy | carrots | mushrooms | tofu | onion | capsicum

Wok Fried Pickled Green Beans


Pickled ya cai, spring onions, red chili, soya, sesame oil

Malaysia Laksa Soup


Rice noodles | prawns | bean sprouts | spring onion | crispy onion | tofu

Chinese Fried Rice

Carrots | green peas | sweet corn | garlic | mushrooms | egg

Vegetarian 35
Chicken 40
Shrimps 45

Beef Bao


Hoisin | spring onion | pickles | jalapeño

Japanese BBQ Chicken Skewers


Spring onion | BBQ sauce | lychee

Kung Pao

Cashew nuts | chilli | leek | ginger | spring onion

Chicken 50
Prawns 55

Thai Green Curry


Thai green chilli | galangal | kaffir lime leaves | lemongrass | coconut milk | coriander

Moo Shu Beef


Baby corn | cucumber | egg | shimeji mushrooms | bok choy | capsicum | carrot

Shrimp Kushiyaki


Creamy chilli sauce | acar

Nasi Goreng


Fried rice | chicken satay | fried egg | shrimp cracker | acar

Thai Seabas


Glass noodles | spring onion | white onion | shimeji mushrooms
Big Bites

Kathi Roll


Onion | capsicum | coriander | rumali roti

Tandoori Chicken Tikka


Mint chutney | kachumber salad

Kerala Spiced Shrimps


Curry leaves | mustard | chilli | lime | rice pancakes

Chicken Tikka Masala


Mint chutney | naan | pearl onions

Tandoori Lamb Chops


Mint chutney | pickled onion
Cold Small Bites

Pani Puri


Pani puri masala | tamarind chutney

Crispy Yoghurt Bombs


Sweet yoghurt | tamarind chutney
mint chutney | pumpkin mash
Salads & Cold Small Bites

Kale Fattoush


Tomato | lettuce | capsicum | fried bread | pomegranate dressing
Hot Small Bites



Falafel | sesame seeds | tahini sauce | mixed pickles
Big Bites

Chicken Shawarma Wrap


Pickles | sliced tomato | saj bread | French fries

Kofta Pittas


Lamb kebab | baby gem | onion | chili flakes | garlic tahini | pitta

Maracaibo Chocolate Kitkat Cake


Chocolate cake | KitKat wafer | chocolate sauce | caramel ice-cream | nougatine



Nutella | caramel sauce

Sticky Date Pudding


Warm sticky date pudding | vanilla ice cream | cotton candy | caramel sauce | caramelised banana

Pandan Coconut Cake


Pandan cake | custard cream | coconut sago compote | mango gel

The Press

Dubai's most beautiful restaurants. The quirky Soul Street restaurant inside FIVE Jumeirah Village is an ode to hip street food joints around the world with rainbow-hued graffiti, bar stools in splashes of red and yellow and vibrant interiors.

Alice HolthamConde Nast Traveler

One of these new restaurants is Soul Street, the hotel’s signature venue, promising to serve authentic street food from around the world in an immersive dining experience.

Lauren FletcherWhat's On

Come in and eat with us

Soul Street Dubai – located on the 5th floor of the iconic FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel

Nice To MEAT You (Sunday): 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Taco Tuesday (Tuesday): 4:00pm – 11:30pm

Ladies Night (Wednesday): 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Nomad Brunch (Friday): 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Happy Hour (Daily): 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Saturday –  Wednesday: 4:00pm – 2:00am

Thursday: 4:00pm – 2:00am

Friday: 1:00pm – 2:00am