New! Shake up your gourmet street food experience with exclusive dessert creations by two Michelin Star Chef René Frank

Gourmet Street Food. International Street Art. Dubai’s Most Instagrammable Restaurant. Innovative Desserts By a two Michelin Star Chef. Sounds like a charm?

The innovative mastermind behind one of the world’s first and only Michelin starred dessert restaurants, two Michelin Star Chef René Frank is inviting you to new dessert creations inspired by Soul St’s global street food and street art concept. All the desserts are Instagammable and based on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Join us now for this exclusive collaboration and indulge in Soul St’s new dessert offering.

Our top pick: Nitro Black Forest with chocolate mousse, cherry compote and vanilla foam. Make sure to have your camera ready when ordering this dessert hit!