Dubbed the most instagrammable restaurant in Dubai, Soul Street vaunts an impeccable street food fare inspired from flavours around the world paired with artsy wall paintings by PichiAvo – a picture-perfect place from plate to walls. With a myriad of tempting dishes to choose from we understand it’s hard to choose! Fret not, here is the list of top five dishes you should definitely try at Soul Street

Tandoori Lamb Chops 

A bite would send you send straight to the colorful country of India. Marinated in authentic Indian spices including mint chutney and charcoal butter, Chef Jagjit’s Tandoori Lamb Chops are the real deal.

Lettuce Wrap

Skip lettuce on salads and try this addictive chicken or pulled wagyu lettuce wrap. An Asian inspired dish made from fresh lettuce filled with perfectly seasoned meat, crispy rice noodles and crispy onion. The perfect blend of sweet, savoury and crunch in one wrap, not to mention it’s low carb too!

Tacos El Chapo

If you cannot be in Mexico, eat like you are. Soul Street is serious about their tacos and they are utterly the best in town!  Take your pick from chicken, beef, shrimp, fish or vegetable paired with guacamole and zesty salsa. All ingredients are homemade from tortilla, salsa, fillings – there’s no reason to skip the heaping comfort of these tacos.

 Street Style BBQ Ribeye

Meat connoisseurs approved, Soul Street Style BBQ Ribeye is an absolute crowd pleaser. Chef Jagjit is putting a street spin on BBQ ribeye. Tickle your tastebuds with a succulent ribeye oozing with delicious flavours right off the grill.

Cantonese Style Lobster

Fancy a lobster Asian style? We’ve got you covered. Generous bites of lobster stir-fried with leek, ginger, garlic, dry chilles and Asian sauce.

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